The Jaguars Are Headed to the Playoffs

January 09, 2023

Travis Etienne

What a difference a year makes! The Jaguars finished last in the AFC South with a 3-14 record in 2021, are now the No. 4 seed in the AFC, and will play host to a playoff game next weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers. Coach Doug Pederson said, "This game tonight kind of symbolizes our season...there were some struggles, there were some highs and lows, but in the end, we had the victory. I'm so proud of the guys for the way they have just all season long just hung together through the face of adversity." Travis Etienne Jr. finished the regular season with a total of 1,125 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. See the Week 18 highlights of the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. the Tennessee Titans here

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