Travis Etienne Comes Through Again for Jags

October 31, 2023

Athlete Studio

Jacksonville's quarterback Trevor Lawrence and running back Travis Etienne, both former Clemson Tigers, delivered a game-changing performance in the Jaguars' thrilling 20-10 road victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

With just around five minutes left in the third quarter, Lawrence showcased his exceptional arm strength by throwing a precise pass down the sideline to Etienne, resulting in a spectacular 56-yard touchdown. This pivotal play granted the Jaguars a comfortable two-touchdown lead, igniting the team and their fans with excitement.

Throughout the game, Etienne demonstrated his versatility and explosive speed, rushing for an impressive 79 yards on 24 carries. Additionally, he showcased his excellent receiving skills by catching three passes for 70 yards, including the aforementioned touchdown. Following the touchdown, Etienne further solidified the Jaguars' dominance by successfully running for a two-point conversion, extending their lead to 17-3.

On the other hand, Lawrence exhibited his proficiency as a passer, completing 24 of his 32 attempts for a total of 292 yards. Alongside the touchdown pass to Etienne, Lawrence also threw one interception, but his overall performance played a crucial role in securing the Jaguars' victory.

This triumph marked the fifth consecutive win for the Jaguars this season, propelling them to the top of the AFC South standings as they head into their upcoming bye week. The team's success can largely be attributed to the outstanding contributions of their Clemson connection.

Etienne's exceptional 56-yard touchdown reception not only set a new career-best for him but also stands as the longest touchdown reception against the Steelers in Jaguars history. This remarkable achievement highlights the immense talent and impact that Etienne brings to the team.

As the Jaguars' PR Department proudly states, the Clemson connection is undoubtedly making waves in the football world, and their extraordinary performances are captivating fans and critics alike. The future looks bright for Jacksonville as they continue to build upon their success and showcase the remarkable skills of their Clemson stars.

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