Travis Etienne Jr. Post Game Stats & Recap 2023-2024

September 14, 2023

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Welcome to Travis Etienne Jr's post game stats & recaps, where we'll be following the running back's production throughout the 2023 - 2024 season! Check back every week for updates on Travis Etienne Jr.'s post game stats!

Week 12:

In the Jaguars' Week 12 triumph over the Texans, Travis Etienne showcased his versatility with 20 rushing attempts, gaining 56 yards, and contributing an additional 30 yards through four receptions.

The game proved to be quite eventful for the Jaguars' primary running back, as he faced a moment where it seemed uncertain if he would finish due to a chest injury. However, he swiftly returned once the issue was announced. With an extra day for rest and recovery leading up to Week 13 against the Bengals' struggling defense, Etienne aims to maintain his impact on the field.

Week 11:

In the Jaguars' Week 11 triumph over the Titans, Travis Etienne logged 14 rushes for 52 yards and contributed three receptions for seven yards.

Etienne's impact intensified during the final drive, where he garnered eight consecutive carries. The Jaguars leaned more on their QB at the goal line in this game as Trevor Lawrence rushed for two short scores.

Etienne aims to reclaim his form and continue his stellar season in Week 12 against the Texans.

Week 10:

In the Jaguars' Week 10 loss to the 49ers, Travis Etienne faced a challenging game, rushing nine times for a total of 35 yards and contributing two receptions for nine yards.

This marked the first occasion this year that Etienne had been limited to fewer than 10 carries, reaching a new season-low of 11 overall touches. The disappointment, however, was somewhat expected given the unfavorable circumstances—a game where the Jaguars committed four turnovers and found themselves trailing 20-3 just a minute into the third quarter.

Despite the setbacks, Etienne is poised for a Week 11 bounce-back opportunity against the Titans.

Week 9: BYE WEEK

Week 8:

In Sunday's 20-10 victory over the Steelers, Etienne showcased his versatility, rushing 24 times for 79 yards and successfully running in a two-point conversion. Additionally, he demonstrated his prowess in the passing game by catching three of six targets for 70 yards and scoring his first career receiving touchdown on a 56-yard reception in the third quarter. 

Following this achievement, Etienne promptly added a two-point conversion to his tally. Despite briefly leaving the game for an ankle injury evaluation, the 24-year-old running back returned to deliver an impressive performance. The upcoming Week 9 bye provides extra rest before a Week 10 home game against the 49ers.

Week 7:

In the Jaguars' Week 7 victory against the Saints, Travis Etienne ran the ball 14 times, gaining 53 yards and scoring two touchdowns. He also contributed with three receptions for 24 yards.

Etienne has managed to score two rushing touchdowns in three consecutive games. As he commands both raw touches and critical responsibilities for the Jaguars, Etienne has solidified himself as a reliable set-and-forget RB1, a status extending into Week 8 against the Steelers.

Week 6:

In the Jaguars' Week 6 victory against the Colts, Travis Etienne carried the ball 18 times for 55 yards and scored two touchdowns. He also contributed with three receptions for 28 yards.

Etienne has surged in the past two weeks with four scores on 44 attempts. Breaking his Week 6 touchdown drought, he found the end zone twice—first with a two-yard goal line run and then as a wildcat quarterback, sprinting 22 yards for the score. With the touchdown slump behind him, Etienne is poised as an RB1 for the Week 7 matchup against the Saints.

Week 5:

Statline:  26 CAR | 136 RUSH YARDS | 2 RUSH TDS | 4 REC | 48 REC YARDS | 2 PT CONVERSION 

In a stunning display 24-year-old running back Travis Etienne Jr. surpassed the century mark on the ground for the first time. Etienne's performance came to a peak during the crucial fourth quarter of Sunday's game, where he used his explosive speed. to score a 35-yard touchdown run in the final minutes to seal the victory. Etienne Jr. and the Jaguars would go on to win the game 25-20 against the Buffalo Bills.

Looking ahead, the anticipation Etienne and his team prepare for an upcoming divisional matchup against the Colts in Week 6. With the division still for the taking, both teams have a shot at the division title which makes this a must-win.

Week 4:

Statline:  20 CAR | 55 RUSH YARDS | 3 REC | 17 REC YARDS 

Travis Etienne Jr. had a solid performance in Week 4 for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they defeated the Atlanta Falcons with a final score of 23-7.

Against the Falcons, Etienne Jr. had 3 receptions for 17 receiving yards. He also had 20 rushes for 55 yards. On the year, Etienne has totaled 260 total rushing yards over 4 games.

Looking ahead, in Week 5, the Jacksonville Jaguars will face a tough challenge as they take on the Buffalo Bills.

Week 3:

Statline:  19 CAR | 88 RUSH YARDS | 4 REC | 50 REC YARDS 

Travis Etienne Jr. and the Jacksonville Jaguars faced off against the Houston Texans. The final score was 17-37 in favor of the Texans.

Etienne Jr. had 4 receptions for 50 receiving yards through the air. On the ground, he had 19 rushes for 88 yards. While the loss was a shocking upset, Etienne still showcased his versatility by setting season highs in both rushing and receiving yards.

Looking ahead to Week 4, the Jaguars will be facing the Atlanta Falcons. Etienne Jr. and the Jaguars will have the opportunity to bounce back and get back in the win column.

Week 2:

Statline:  12 CAR | 40 RUSH YARDS | 3 TGT | 2 REC | 2 REC YARDS

In Week 2, Travis Etienne Jr. of the Jacksonville Jaguars faced a tough matchup against the reigning SuperBowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. The game ended with a final score of 9-17 in favor of the Chiefs. 

Etienne Jr. had a moderate performance, recording 2 receptions for 2 receiving yards and on the rushing front, he had 12 carries for 40 yards. Etienne Jr. dealt with cramps throughout the contest which hampered his ability to find holes in the Chiefs defense which brought back star defender Chris Jones after a lengthy offseason holdout.

Looking ahead, in Week 3, the Jaguars will be facing the Houston Texans. Etienne Jr. should be back on the field healthy and will have a very juicy matchup against a division rival.

Week 1:

Statline:  18 CAR | 77 RUSH YARDS | 1 RUSH TD | 5 TGT | 5 REC | 27 REC YARDS

Travis Etienne Jr. had an impressive performance in Week 1 for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they secured a 31-21 victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Facing a tough opponent, Etienne Jr. showcased his versatility with both his rushing and receiving abilities.

Etienne Jr. made an impact in the passing game, recording 5 receptions for 27 yards. While he didn't find the end zone through the air, his contributions helped move the chains for the Jaguars. On the ground, Etienne Jr. carried the ball 18 times for 77 yards and scored a 26 yard rushing touchdown to help seal the game for Jacksonville.

Looking ahead to Week 2, the Jaguars will face the Kansas City Chiefs. Etienne Jr. will look to build on his strong performance and continue to be a key factor in the team's offensive success. With his ability to make plays both as a receiver and a runner, he will undoubtedly be a player to watch in the upcoming AFC matchup.

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