Travis Etienne Jr. Sets New Rushing Record for Jaguars

November 02, 2022

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Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew’s franchise rushing marks for the Jacksonville Jaguars could be in jeopardy with new starting running back Travis Etienne Jr. breaking the record for most rushing yards for a Jaguars runner after their first three starts. Jones-Drew once held that record with 270 yards but that’s gone now that Etienne Jr. has blown that record out of the water.

Drafted with the 25th pick overall in the 2021 draft, the Jaguars chose Etienne Jr. to assist his former Clemson teammate, quarterback Trevor Lawrence, in the backfield. The two players won a national football championship with the Tigers together in 2019 as one of the most dominant college teams in history as they ended the season a perfect 15-0 with a 44-16 stomping of Alabama in the title game.

Now, Travis Etienne Jr. and Trevor Lawrence are together again in Jacksonville where the latter is trying to establish himself as the team’s main running back moving forward. So far, so good as Etienne Jr. has performed splendidly in his first three games as a starter as well as over his last four games overall as he’s averaging 106.8 yards per game. More impressive is he’s averaging a robust 7.36 yards per carry over that time, including 7.42 yards per carry in his three starts. 

Although the Jaguars were not victorious last Sunday in England against the Denver Broncos, they were able to see what Etienne Jr. is truly capable of as he carried the ball 24 times for 156 yards and a score. In his last two games, Etienne Jr. has 270 yards rushing on 38 attempts with two touchdowns. Jacksonville will have their work cut out for them this Sunday opening holes for Etienne Jr. with the Las Vegas Raiders’ seventh-best rushing defense providing a tough opponent in Week 9. On that note, with the way Etienne Jr. has been running his last three games, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he records another big day on the ground.

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