Travis Etienne Jr. Stands Out at Training Camp

August 25, 2022

Lawrence Hung

As the Jacksonville Jaguars approach their last preseason game this Saturday against the Atlanta Falcons, there has been one standout star throughout the entirety of their training camp, Travis Etienne Jr.

The second-year running back has been keeping all the attention on him as he has been making explosive plays each practice. Reports from Jacksonville’s training camp have called Etienne the “biggest star,” and that, “he looks like the most dangerous potential weapon the Jaguars have on offense.”  

Reports have also stated that the Jacksonville Jaguars are lining up Travis Etienne Jr. in a variety of ways. With Travis's skillset, the Jaguars are looking to utilize him as the big play threat that he was coming out of college. 

Towards the beginning of the Jaguars’ training camp, quarterback Trevor Lawrence expressed confidence in Etienne for the upcoming season. Over the two preseason games that Etienne has played in so far, he led the team in carries twice with nine against the Browns and eight against Pittsburgh. 

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