Travis Etienne Jr's 1st AMA with NFL All Day

July 26, 2022

Travis Etienne

Jacksonville running back, Travis Etienne JR, had his first AMA with NFL All Day where he talked about his college career, Trevor Lawrence, the upcoming season, and getting his first Moment with NFL All Day.

Etienne had a very successful college career where he played for Clemson. He played in the college playoff 4 times, a national championship, and recorded numerous records. With all of that success, Etienne says that he is most proud of relationships he has built which he believes will last a lifetime.

Throughout his college years, Etienne played with teammate Trevor Lawrence, who is now his NFL teammate as well. The two players went through the 2021 draft experience together, and Etienne said that it was much easier making that transition with someone he knew, and was excited to be with Trevor again.

Etienne was unable to play in the 2021 season due to an injury, but he is ready for a come back this 2022 season. He is most looking forward to playing his first NFL game, and even more excited to get his first victory. The game he is most looking forward to is playing Baltimore, where he will be playing against an old time rival, Patrick Queen.

With Etienne's excitement to play in that first game, he is looking scoring to making his first touchdown. When he does, he will be ready to call NFL All Day so they can get it up on a Moment.

To listen to the full session, click here.

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