Travis Etienne Performing at Elite Level

October 11, 2023

Athlete Studio

Playing against a talented Buffalo team, Travis Etienne displayed his versatility, rushing for 136 yards on 26 carries with an impressive average of 5.2 yards per carry. He secured two touchdowns, including a spectacular 35-yard run late in the game, securing a crucial victory for Jacksonville. Etienne also showcased his receiving prowess, catching four passes for 48 yards.

In his third year with the Jaguars, Etienne has become a linchpin for the struggling Jacksonville offense. He currently ranks third in the AFC and fifth in the NFL for rushing yards, accumulating 396 yards in just five games this season.

Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson commended Etienne, labeling his recent performance as one of the best of the season. Pederson emphasized Etienne's impact on critical third-down situations, where his ability to secure first downs significantly influences the defense's strategies.

Etienne's unique talent this season lies in his ability to evade tackles. He has forced an impressive 27 missed tackles in only five games, leading the league in this category. His elusive moves and sheer power make him a formidable opponent for defenders.

Moreover, Etienne excels in yards after contact, ranking second in the league with 308 yards, trailing only Christian McCaffrey, who is widely considered one of the best backs in football. Against the Buffalo Bills, Etienne forced an NFL-high 11 missed tackles, wearing down the defense and forcing opponents to make difficult decisions while tackling him.

In the current season, Etienne has carried the ball 95 times for 396 yards, averaging 4.2 yards per carry, and contributed three touchdowns. Additionally, he has made 18 catches for 144 yards, poised to surpass his previous season totals and achieve a career-best year.

Etienne's impact on the Jacksonville Jaguars is immeasurable, and his exceptional performance on the field shows no signs of waning. As the season unfolds, it's evident that Etienne is just beginning to shine.

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