Travis Etienne's First National Partnership

October 13, 2023

Athlete Studio

Travis Etienne and his brother Trevor recently signed a contract with Chipotle, granting them free meals for a year. While the deal is only for a limited time, Travis expressed his desire for more Chipotle in the future, hoping that the fast-food chain will reach out again.

This partnership with Chipotle marks the first national collaboration for the Etienne brothers. As part of the agreement, they will be featured in a TV commercial and have a digital presence.

The commercial, filmed at the Jaguars' Flex Field, showcased Travis Etienne pushing his brother Trevor through various drills. Travis provided guidance and shouted orders like "Rotate your hips! Lower your center! Hustle! Plant and explode!" Trevor, at times, responded with surprise, questioning his brother's instructions. There was even a moment where Travis taught Trevor how to double-knot his shoes.

The commercial concludes with the two brothers enjoying a meal at Chipotle, where Travis jokingly asks Trevor if he's buying.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Travis and Trevor mentioned that the commercial was an extension of their lifelong workouts together. Growing up in Jennings, La., and continuing through their college careers, they always motivated each other to excel, including maintaining a proper diet.

Filming the commercial was particularly special for Travis, as it was the first time he had seen his brother since both of their training camps began. He expressed his excitement and joy to be in the same space as his brother, reminiscing about their playful moments at home and now realizing their journey to making a commercial together.

Looking ahead, Travis and Trevor are open to more opportunities, especially if Trevor makes it to the NFL. They welcome any companies interested in partnering with them to reach out.

Travis also acknowledged the new opportunities available to Trevor under the NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) freedoms in college sports, which were not accessible during his time at Clemson from 2017-2020. He expressed his support for his brother's ability to monetize his name, image, and likeness, stating that he's living vicariously through him.

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